Day 2/365: I’m Tired, Very Very Tired.

I’ve been so tired, all day. To the point where I’ve drank 3 bottles of water, a Coke Zero and eaten some Skittles to try and wake me up and give me a bit of energy but it hasn’t worked so I’m pretty excited to go to sleep tonight. It’s also Wednesday, which means only 2 more days left of the week (which feels like it’s going on forever) and then I can sleep in all weekend!

Work today was difficult in the fact that I was tired and just not really feeling myself 100%, there’s a bug going round which I’m terrified to get. However, the best part about my day was that I managed to successfully make all the phone calls I needed to do confidently and calmly and I got an amazing response! It’s always so satisfying when you can see your confidence growing in an area you never thought you’d do well in, as well as knowing I’m doing my job properly.

So I’ve had a few little changes on my blog today, I’ve made a new header for it and updated little things here and there – I did mess around with changing the theme and layout but it all started getting far too messy and winding me up so we’re back to the old theme, which I do love!

Anyway, soon I’ll be posting a couple of recipes (dairy free and normal) as well as my July favourites, a few beauty posts, my new (and successful) skincare routine and a probably a lot more rants and moans because I’m just that type of girl!

Lulabelle, XO.



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