Day 5/365 – Downpours, Depression and Dating

Happy one month blogging anniversary to me! 

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What an eventful month it has been – and it does not feel like it’s really been that long, but I look forward to celebrating my next month and more!

British weather has outdone itself today with an absolute downpour followed closely with beautiful blue skies and sunshine… So from that, I’ve spent the majority of my day in bed. I have been trying to recover from a dodgy tummy bug or something, however I’ve finally ventured downstairs (my mum will be proud of me), got dressed and walked the dog. I find that making sure I do the little things like get up, brush my teeth, get dressed etc are vital in terms of trying to get over depression. I struggle to find the strength to stay up and watch TV somedays, so I am proud of myself for pushing myself to do the small things today and who knows, I might actually tidy my room today? I also want to start reading the book my dad has given me called ‘In Foreign Fields’ by Dan Collins.

I am also trying to stop being so cold hearted and offish when it comes to guys. It is time I let go of the past and stop letting it get in the way of my future. I need to be more open with people and to put my faith and trust into them until they give me a reason not too. Of course I will also trust my mums instinct when it comes to speaking to any guy as she scarily knows if they’re going to be good or bad, however I know my value and I know what I do and don’t deserve so I am going to make sure I remember that always.

The only thing that worries is the Sertraline I am on. It makes me either sad or emotionless at the minute and the more I research into it, the more it scares me with the long term side effects as I’d rather feel happy and sad rather than emotionless and numb – which is me today, I feel very numb and it’s just a bit ‘eh‘.

I also watched Chicken Little today – loved it, and I watched Made of Honour – loved that too minus the awful Scottish accent by Colin.

Have a great weekend!

Lulabelle, XO.


4 thoughts on “Day 5/365 – Downpours, Depression and Dating

  1. manyofus1980 says:

    ah yes, i took sertraline for a while, i had the lack of emotions from it too. hated it so dr. barry took me off of it. maybe you could try something else instead? i love it when its pouring outside and i am wrapped up watching a good show or movie nothing better than snuggling under my duvet with nitro. xxx

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