Day 6 – Sunday’s Suck

It’s the afternoon on a Sunday, I’m alone and tired and overwhelmingly down. The only way I know how to stop my thoughts spiralling is to write a list of all the positives in my life, and to ‘ground’ myself with things that are fact rather than telling myself obscure and negative opinions. All I want to do is lay in bed, under my duvet and feel sad which is ridiculous. Why would anybody want that? I have no idea but that’s what my brain tells me to do, and you won’t understand how it feels unless you’ve been there.

My dad is insanely supportive of me and is the best person to talk to in regard to how I feel as he is always full of amazing ideas on how to distract me and how to stop myself from feeling so alone in myself: here is what he told me to do today, and it is exactly what I did!

  1. Walk the dog
    I don’t know what it is about walking Ruby that makes me feel better, but I hate the thought of doing it however the minute I get outside I feel so much better.
  2. Go to Homebase and pick out my favourite flowers for the garden
    My dad has done an amazing job at making the garden a pretty place to sit and relax and helping my dad pick out the most colourful and beautiful flowers is something I really really enjoy.
  3. Bake something
    I made a no-bake Oreo cheesecake! I’ll write another blog with the recipe because it looks so so tasty that everyone needs to make it, it’s super easy!
    Processed with VSCO with e5 preset
  4. Bake something else
    After making the cheesecake, I was in the baking mood and baking really distracts me from my thoughts. It’s so satisfying to make something delicious! So I decided to make some truffles – milk chocolate and white chocolate with strawberry. I can’t wait for everyone to try them, especially everyone at work as we are all huge foodies!
  5. Tidy up
    My mum always says a tidy place means a tidy mind, so I did a bit of clearing up and made my bed and admittedly it was satisfying.
  6. Put some feel good songs on
    Chasing Highs – ALMA
    Sun Comes Up – Rudimental
    Perfect Places – Lorde
    High and Low – Empire Of The Sun
    Sober Up – AJRThese are just a few of my favourites to put on full blast and sing and dance too- it’s an immediate mood lifter even if I sound awful and look like an idiot.
  7. Watch my favourite show
    One Tree Hill is a show that will always be in my heart. I could re-watch it every single day and never get bored!
  8. Sit in the garden
    Like I said, the garden is stunning and there’s so many bees out at the minute that it makes the garden so vibrant and happy. It’s so calming to be outside.
  9. Have a bath
    My incredibly amazing best friend came round last night with a basket of goodies to make me feel better as she knows I’ve been down lately, and in the box was some cooling eye patches and some Radox lavender bubble bath. I can’t wait to have my bath this evening and feel so calm and stress free.IMG_4868.JPG
  10. Do girly things
    By this, I think he meant the crap I do before a night out which makes me feel super confident. I will fake tan, paint my nails, pluck my eyebrows, do a face mask, clean my skin, wash and dry my hair and slip into some fresh pyjamas and cuddle into my bed and hopefully put this draining mood behind me and start fresh tomorrow!

Lulabelle, XO.


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