Day 8 & 9 – My Silver Lining

I’ll apologise now for not posting yesterday – only 8 days in and I already started slacking however no more! So here is a combined day 8 and 9 post to make up for it.

Yesterday was good.

I woke up after a lovely relaxing bath and evening to a good morning where I felt so refreshed and at ease which is a lovely feeling to have after so long of feeling down. I went to work smiling and stayed in a relatively good mood all day. I even had a really calm and lovely evening with Caitlin where we went and spent the evening relaxing by the beach and eating chips to just get things off our minds and laugh the evening away.

This is where I’ll get soppy and I’m not even sorry. I am so blessed to have met some amazing girls from work, especially Caitlin as she is there for me 24 hours of the day, 7 days a week, no matter what. I could call her at 2am and she’d answer and be there for me which makes me feel so lucky and glad to have an incredibly supportive friend like her (#ShitSisters).

I also cried with laughter for the first time in months which was one of the lightest and most uplifting feelings, and I look forward to finding the laughter and happiness in my life more and more.

Anyway, today was a bit different.

Today, as hard as I tried to stay in a good mood, it just couldn’t and didn’t happen. I really did try to push myself but my little rain cloud followed me just mimicking how the weather was. The rain wouldn’t stop and neither did my horrific mood.

I really hate driving in the rain because I only drive a little KA therefore there’s not a lot of weight behind it, nor are the wheels very big or sturdy like a Jeep or something. There was a lot of water on the roads on the way home, enough to make me feel extremely nervous and unsure of driving through these deep and huge floods of water – and I was right to feel unsure, as the water caused me to break the front of my car to the point where I now cannot drive it without it being a hazard.

It was bad news to top off a pretty poor day, however I’m optimistic to make tomorrow better as I cannot let small things that can be fixed get me down. My dad will get it fixed and it will all be okay.


Lulabelle, XO.


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