Day 11 – 10 Reasons Why Having A Dog Is The Best!

After realising that our gorgeous little Ruby-Roo is almost five years old, it’s about time she gets a bit of appreciation (I mean we spoil her every single day but I can read her this blog post and hopefully she’ll understand…).

For anyone who doesn’t own a dog, you probably know by now from Twitter and other social media platforms that 1) we do not deserve dogs and 2) they’re the best thing ever.

  1. They’re loyal
    Even if I’ve been grumpy or told the dog off, she will always sit by my side and look up at me with her puppy dog eyes with such loyalty. If I tell her to sit and wait, she will sit and wait with the upmost respect for our family.
  2. They’re funny
    If you’re ever in a bad mood, just look at dog videos. If you’ve got your own dog, just watch them. The small things they do are so amusing to watch, especially our Ruby. From stretching one of her legs out after going for a wee to laying on her back and trying to eat her own tail – watching her never fails to make me smile or laugh!giphy (3).gif
  3. They’re the cutest
    I have no words to explain this, just look at this picture and try and tell me otherwise.
  4. Dogs can be sensitive
    When I am sad, she knows. She will come and lay on me or sit by my side and lick my hand or lick my tears if she can get close enough. When my Nana passed away, she didn’t leave my Mum’s side for days as she knew something was making my Mum sad and she just wanted to make it better.
  5. They’re always joyful
    They’re always happy to see you, even if it’s been 5 minutes or 2 hours! The joy on their face when you return is enough to melt your heart for good.dogg.gif
  6. Dogs are beyond clever
    We have never taught Ruby to stand on her back legs and ‘beg’ – yet she does it still. I spent about half an hour teaching her to ‘spin’ and she now does it without even being asked. You give her a difficult dog toy with food in as a puzzle? She manages to work it out in less than an hour. She knows who is coming through the door just by the car pulling on the drive – heck she even knows that when my mum is on an early, she will be home at 2:30pm and will wait by the door at 2:25pm to just wait.
  7. Doggos are cheeky
    From stealing pizza off of my plate when I’m not looking to burying her disgusting bones under my bed or my duvet for me to find when I get into bed that night. Ruby has learnt to backchat and gob off at us also when we are trying to tell her off. She has the cheekiest personality and we love it.giphy (4).gif
  8. They’ve have unconditional love
    You do not understand the term unconditional love until you have a dog. The number of times I have forgotten that I’ve let the dog into the garden whilst it’s raining and then gone to the door and found her soaking wet yet she doesn’t ever get moody at me. Even when she grumbles and growls at me when I turn over in my bed and disturb her – she still comes back and loves me.
  9. They’re always excited
    From cutting cheese to putting socks on, you can guarantee your little fur baby is going to be next to you and enthusiastic as always. I can’t even go to the toilet or have a bath without Roo trying to follow me and join me on my adventure upstairs!
    doggo 3.gif
  10. They’ll cuddle you in bed
    The best reason of course is the cuddly mornings you get to have. A cuddle from a human is great, but a cuddle from a dog who you know will never leave you, never hurt you or lie to you is the best feeling in the world. A cuddle from my furry friend is how I start every single morning and I wouldn’t change it for a thing!SLEEP.gif

I know I’m probably biased and every single cat owner out there is wishing I’d just shut up, but I’ve owned cats and as amazing as they were – dogs just are the best thing in the entire world and I can’t wait to rescue so many little pooches in the future!

Lulabelle, XO.


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