Day 12 – 10 Things Making Me Happy Right Now

I don’t like to be open about just how bad my depression can get, however making lists of the positive things in my life really helps to put things into perspective and give me the good things to focus on during my recovery. So with that being said, I thought that maybe if I can share just 10 things that are making me happy right now then it can give other people who are feeling how I feel the same motivation to make the same list and realise that there’s more to life than what depression makes you feel.

  1. Family.
    Now I know not everyone has family, however I am extremely lucky to have my parents still married and under the same roof to support me and push me every single day. My sister and my parents are the number one thing in my life right now and I don’t know what I would do without them! From making sure I am eating, to washing my hair when I can do nothing but cry, to changing my bedsheets and staying with me until I fall asleep – they do everything in their power to keep me safe and make me feel loved, so they’re the main thing in my life that makes me
  2. Ruby-Roo.
    I wrote a post about why dogs are the best, however it’s true. My dog gives me hope and gives me a reason to get out of bed everyday because somebody needs to look after her. She depends on me to feed her, give her fresh water, walk her and keep her company as much as I depend on her to keep my mood good. I cannot imagine my life without her and I don’t want too, she’s my best friend and like I said, a huge reason behind any happiness I have.
  3. Friends.
    I have spent a lot of time telling myself that I have no friends and that I’m hated, and the way I have been feeling the last month or so has really shown who my true friends are. My true friends are there for me 24/7 be it in person or down the phone. My true friends are absolute angels who lift my mood and make me laugh non-stop with their incredible personalities and I don’t deserve them, but I am not letting them go! I have to give special credit to Izzy, Alisha, Caitlin and Jonny for essentially being the only people who’ve managed to make me smile or laugh in the last month and for always having my back no matter what, you’re my angels and I love you.
  4. Baking.
    Baking food for people to eat and enjoy is something that brings absolute joy to my life. From bread to truffles, I love love love baking and cooking because I know it makes people happy and knowing I’ve made people happy makes me happy as silly as that sounds! My Dad’s face when he first tried the truffles I made was enough to make me completely ecstatic.
  5. One Tree Hill
    I’m a sucker for binge watching TV shows as I get completely lost in them and One Tree Hill is a series that I could watch on repeat forever and ever and never get bored of it! Whenever I’m down, I just stick on an episode of this show and I am immediately involved in the drama and the romance and the friendships as if I am there in the middle of it all – and I love that escape.
  6. Puzzle books.
    For a 19 year old girl to admit she likes puzzle books, I understand that is a bit sad however they distract me and make me feel as if I have accomplished something. They’re also a way of making me talk to my family and them working with me and helping me complete them, which I see as a bonding activity. There’s also a hidden bonus of submitting your answers and potentially winning money, so there’s a win win!
  7. Blogging.
    Keeping itslulabelle is my release. It’s my place to vent and talk to myself in the hope that others might like to read what goes on in my head, and to hopefully connect with new people and write things that are relatable so people do not feel alone in their thoughts. I love this blog as I’m free to write whatever I want with no boundaries as well as it being a very positive thing for me to look back on whenever I am feeling low so I can see how far I have come!
  8. Animals.
    Even if you and I aren’t close, if you tag me in a random animal picture or video it is guaranteed to make me smile and laugh. My Mum and Sister tag me in the most random and adorable videos of all sorts of animals, and I have smiled or laughed at every single one! My favourite one so far being a GIF of two monkeys having a cuddle… I almost cried at it.giphy (5).gif
  9. Reading.
    At the minute I’m reading In Foreign Fields as recommended by my Dad and I can honestly say it is the most refreshing and eye opening book I’ve ever read. It is basically accounts written by soldiers and the heroes of Iraq and Afghanistan, however they are all so modest and cannot see how their actions are beautifully brave and that they are absolute heroes. Their modesty is refreshing and heart breaking. I find reading in general is a good escape for me. From magazines to novels, I can sit and read anything that catches my attention and get lost in the book.
  10. Thinking of the small positives in my life.
    I find it difficult to find positives and focus on them in my life as the negatives completely overwhelm me 99.9% of the time. However, lately I have been telling myself that it doesn’t have to be that way. I can be the positive and happy and optimistic girl I used to be a year ago! I deserve to get better, I deserve to be happy and I definitely deserve to feel confident enough in myself that I want to get out of bed in the mornings and go to work and thrive and succeed!

One step at a time, I will get there. Everything can be fixed.

Lulabelle, XO.


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