About Me

About Lulabelle

Lulabelle is a nickname given to me by my mum and it’s stuck ever since I was young. Variations include Lou-Lou or Luly (‘Loo-Lee’) however far fetched the variations get, they’re still nothing to do with my real name.

My real name is Jessica, but everyone calls me Jess.

I don’t know about you, but it seems too cliche to say “trying to find myself” but the truth is that is what I’m trying to do. I’m trying to pick myself apart and put myself back together again in a way that makes me happy and helps me to find who I want to be in life.

About the blog

It’s Lulabelle started in July 2017 when I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety as I needed somewhere to put all my thoughts and distract me from what was going on in my life. I use it as a place to write down random ideas or rants that have been brewing inside of me for a while, and hopefully to relate to some people and help people better understand how they feel – especially if I can give hope to someone else with depression to help them see that it does get better, you just have to give it time.

This is a safe place where I note the highs and lows of living with depression, anxiety & chronic illness and sometimes post other stuff that’s way more fun to read… Only sometimes…

It’s mainly a lifestyle and advice blog with the occasional review here and there and some topical discussions as and when I feel like it. Imagine my diary just written for everyone to read. I’ve always been an open book so this is just another part of my journey, and I hope you love it like I do.
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Lulabelle, XO.