About Me

Hi! My name is Jess (which in Hebrew means rich and God beholds), I’m 19 and I work for a Marketing and PR company in Essex. The name ‘Lulabelle’ is a long running trend in my family, with my mum giving me this nickname from a very young age!
I use this blog as an outlet for all the things I do in life from daily rants, to opinions on current trends to food and more! So if any of your passions are listening to girls going on rants about topics that are probably irrelevant to every other human being, recipes on the most delicious treats and a young insight on current issues then this is the place for you!
I’m a lilac loving Libra who listens to a bit too much chart music. I’m obsessed with peach iced tea and pretzels and most people say I’m a bit too close to my mum, however she’s easily my best friend and makes me laugh more than anyone.
You can keep up to date with everything I do on Twitter: @morrrtimer and Instagram: @morrrtimer, and you can message me on them anytime!
Much love,
Lulabelle, XO.